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True Story

So, I had one of my righteous indignation librarian moments yesterday during my 4th grader’s “curriculum meeting” with her teachers. Fourth grade is very important grade in NYC because they will have 3 multi-day state wide tests and 4th grade is the year that middle schools look at when accepting children. The focus for 4th grade is research, research and research.

Once that was drummed into the parents heads, I asked “If research is so important, why don’t I see any library time? How come I don’t see any library trips scheduled?”


Bitch Face

So glorious

The teachers, a little flustered, replied that the school librarian would be ordering books for them and they would pull the laptop into the classroom and teach the kids how to search on the internet. I grimaced inwardly.

I sighed. Then I threw myself in front of a speeding bullet. “I’m off on Thursday and Friday mornings. I can come in and do online research demonstrations using the public library’s website if you want me to.”

Long pause.

Then one of the teachers said “That’s right, you work for the library.” I said, like Clark Kent ripping his shirt open to reveal the big S, “I’m a librarian.”


"Looking up into twilight
I count how many stars
Could fit into this jar
So I might give you the sky
Instead of saying goodbye"

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Benedict Cumberbatch does dashing Mr Darcy for charity campaign


Good morning! Neutral face, bright lips, white-ish smile. Rocking L.A.Girl lip paint in bombshell. #lagirl #lippaint #lipstick #makeup


Supernatural - Deanmon Rises

This season is going to be so much fun and over the top in the way as only Supernatural can be. I think Deanmon is going to be funny like Soulless Sam.

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